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Hudson Athletic Recruiting is designed to amplify exposure for elite student athletes, so we also facilitate various events to provide exclusive opportunities. These include recruiting seminars, exposure events, informational webinars and meetings with various coaches and programs.

Recruiting seminars provide an introduction to the athletic recruiting process.  Some of the topics covered include:

  • What it takes to play and study at the next level

  • The difference between Associations (NCAA, NAIA, USPORTS, etc)

  • How to improve your chances of being offered a scholarship

  • Academic requirements for the different levels

Our exposure events are sport-specific and may be designed for local progression, or for generating interest at the collegiate level. These events are exclusive to our athletes and are being operated across Canada in various hub cities.

Every month we are running Hudson Athlete Webinars designed to supplement our student athlete’s knowledge and information on various topics. The focal points could range from academic achievement to goal setting to understanding what is required for success at the highest level. Often these calls feature a prominent guest speaker who shares critical insights for the group.

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