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Three Key Ways to Ensure your Athletic & Academic Goals are Balanced.

As we enter into the Holiday season and the beginning of the University application process, Hudson Sports recruits are looking for ways to be as recognizable to post-secondary institutions as possible. The most effective way to do so is to ensure your athletic and academic goals are as aligned as possible. Students should never feel that they have to sacrifice their academic ambitions in order to be a successful athlete. The recruiting and post-secondary admissions process prioritizes both high-grades, proficiency in sport and involvement in the school community.

Prospective athletes and current recruits can benefit from learning the key ways to not only balance, but excel in athletics and schooling. Read on for the three key tips to be a superstar in the classroom and in your sport.

1. Understand Your Limits

It’s no secret that students looking to be recruited or qualify for a post-secondary scholarship have to manage a more demanding schedule. This applies to both the sport and academics. As important as it is for student-athletes to anticipate and manage a more rigorous work and sport schedule, it’s equally as important for students to understand and respect their own limits. Each student-athlete is individual and their schedules should be equally as personalized. Overloading your schedule does not automatically mean you’re fit, qualified and prepared for post-secondary.

Understanding your limits just means knowing what you can manage and balance between your academics and athletics. By evaluating your own limits, creating a schedule to follow and respecting your physical and mental health, you’re on the right track to success.

2. Examine Post-Secondary Institutions Well

Many of our Hudson Sports prospects receive a large number of acceptance and admission opportunities from a number of top athletic and academic schools. As thrilling as it may be to have a number of influential schools want you, that does not mean that all are a suitable fit for you. It’s critical to do your research into each school you’ve applied and been accepted to and determine whether their values, athletics, academics and even schooling environment aligns with who you are.This should especially be reflected in terms of your athletic and academic goals.

3. Transparency With Coaches Is Vital

Hudson Sports prioritizes the happiness, comfortability, and success of each of our student-athletes. The best way to help us achieve that for you is through honesty! Certain schools and athletic programs may push for a more demanding schedule and academic majors that could overwhelm students. Although student-athletes may believe they can manage the workload, it could become overwhelming and ultimately risk their academic and athletic pursuits. Throughout the recruiting process, it’s always in your best interest to be as transparent as possible about your academic skills, weaknesses and intentions with your coach.

If you have a specific program you are interested in pursuing in your post-secondary career, ensure you inquire about it. Student-athletes can also always speak with previous recruits that pursued the same degree or program and ask how it worked for them.

This is an exciting time for all prospective student-athletes and it’s important to remember that confidence and honesty are key. You’re not alone in this journey, Hudson Sports is committed to helping you manage your academic and athletic time and be the best you can be. Learn more about our scholarship process at

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