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Nicolette Fuhr - Tennis - Class of '22

🚨Elite Female Prospect Alert!🚨

Nicolette Fuhr is part of the Class of 2022 and currently works alongside former star tennis player, Sandra Chindalo, within the Hudson Sports ranks. 🎾

Nicolette brings an unheard of level of determination, passion and drive to the tennis court every single day. One of the premier Canadian NCAA tennis prospects, she has devoted her time & energy to performing at an exceptional level on the court and in the classroom. 🌟

Beyond her climbing 3.83 GPA, Nicolette also deploys a savvy business sense. She executed her own online business at the age of 13 in order to pay for tennis and give herself the opportunity to continue pursuing her Division 1 objective!📚

Her character attributes are second to none and she's in great hands working alongside Sandra!🤝

We are very excited to continue supporting Nicolette's journey with tennis and hope to celebrate more incredible feats as she takes her skillset to the collegiate ranks! 🎾🎓

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