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Connor Rodwin Impresses at the BTL Fergie Jenkins Showcase

Rodwin combined a powerful 6-foot-1, 210 pound frame with some very solid overall athleticism to put together one of the better performances at the showcase. He moves well for his size on the 60-yard dash, his 7.23 time the best at the event. His work behind the plate was arguably the best at the event, his receiving crisp and his transition from glove-to-throw quick. He throws across his body as he slings the ball down to second, his throwing velocity topping out at 61 MPH on the throw down, which also helped him achieve a pop-time of 2.0.. He stands open in his stance and starts with his hands behind his back shoulder, using a toe-tap stride prior to using his strong wrists to whip the bat through the zone at a slightly upward angle. This swing helped Rodwin achieve exit velocities up to 91 MPH.

Blake Robinson - BTL

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