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Academics play a huge part in the journey toward achieving a scholarship!

🔹NCAA Scholarship Fact🔹

It is very common to see student athletes sign an offer that involves a combination of athletic and academic scholarship awards. 🏀📚

This is another crucial reason that academic excellence is as important as athletic performance.

Division 1 programs require a minimum GPA of 2.3 and a minimum SAT score of 980 for the “Academic Sliding Scale” to be eligible for athletic competition.

BUT.... that usually won’t be enough to solidify your placement with that school.


The criteria for certain programs can be much higher, potentially pushing a GPA of 3.5+ and SAT scores of 1200+ 📈

Something else to remember is that Ivy League and Division 3 schools do not offer “athletic scholarships.”

Academics are a core component of acceptance into these schools, and will determine academic aid for Division 3 options.

Canadian U Sports schools also require an 80% academic average in order to be eligible for “Athletic Financial Awards.”

What’s the bottom line❓

Academic habits and performance will likely be a key factor in a student athlete’s post-secondary opportunities.

Regardless of the route.

Student athletes should focus on time management, study habits and goal-setting as early as possible.

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